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The Old New Method

Remarkably few people of a remarkably diverse demographic come to ask themselves: ‘Who am I?’, ‘Where am I?’ and ‘Why am I here?’ They may be a teenager dreading the formidable challenges of their future, or someone advanced in years pondering overblown concerns about their past. They may be someone living in poverty, looking up from their hardship with curiosity, or a rich person looking down from their place of privilege with a sense of emptiness. Despite the differences in their external realities, they each feel lost in a labyrinth of their inner reality, which conventional wisdom or their previous efforts have not permitted them to navigate.

Guided by this desolation, they enter through different doors into the same room to forge the closest friendships with other seekers who find this teaching.

Our premise is that human beings can live the answers to these questions, but this ability is not usually actualized. Nature develops us only up to a certain point and then leaves us unfinished, just as it creates wheat but not bread, milk but not butter, grapes but not wine. And as the output of nature can be refined through farming, so can we be made complete through understanding how the laws of nature manifest in our own psychology.



Body, Essence, and Personality