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How Does This School Work?


We follow a structured teaching called the ‘Labors of the Month.’ A parallel is drawn between farming and the cultivation of consciousness. As a farmer would attend to different aspects of their land each month, so does a fourth way student attend to different aspects of their psychology. This offers a unified structure for all students, while enabling enough flexibility for each to focus on their specific challenges and needs.


Communities are divided into languages (English, Spanish, Russian, etc.). Every weekend, each community meets online for a workshop related to the labor of that month. Workshops convey knowledge and set exercises. Throughout the week, students stay in daily touch via a teamwork app called slack to share questions and observations of working with these exercises.


BePeriod gathers internationally twice a year for week-long meetings in destinations that harbor traces of fourth way schools. During the days of these gatherings we tour the sites, and students also get to know each other better. In the evenings and nights we incorporate our findings into a theatrical play. In this way, we step beyond being passive spectators and actively attempt to experience how past teachings were used to cultivate consciousness in their participants.