Museum and site visits, meetings and dining events, a concert, and a puppet show — all prepared and performed by Beperiod members. Events are focused around a weekend. However, if you’re able to come earlier, there will be daily activities during the week leading to it, from Monday September 25th:

  • Thursday, September 28th
    Evening welcome reception at the Baullari Apartment in Piazza Navona
  • Friday, September 29th
    Morning - Visit to the Vatican Museum
    Lunch - Vatican Museum
    Evening - Concert followed by Formal Dinner at the Baullari Apartment
  • Saturday, September 30th
    Morning - Museum / Site visit TBD
    Lunch - Restaurant TBD
    Evening - Shadow Puppet Performance, followed by a reception
  • Sunday, October 1st
    Morning - Formal meeting broadcasted to the worldwide Be Community
    Noon - Departure

“You must understand that the people you meet here are as necessary for you as the system itself.” - Peter Ouspensky