BePeriod Gathering in Campania

19 – 21 January 2024

Join us for a weekend in Campania, Italy, that will include a visit to the Greek Temples in Paestum and a live organ concert in the Duomo di Benevento performed by Maria Mokhova. We will take advantage of our time together to accelerate our work and deepen our connections with each other.

The proceeds from this gathering will go towards acquiring a physical residence for BePeriod

This will be the first of several fundraisers aimed at establishing a physical residence for BePeriod. Our aim is to eventually acquire a residence with land in which we can regularly meet, work, farm, and explore the possibilities for an outer expression of our teaching.

More details to follow…

Maria Organ Concert
Rodney Collin

Group work does not mean that you have to see the other members of your group every day, or even live within a thousand miles of them. It means you must be innerly and organically connected with them and with the force which directs them. It is true that you may have for a while to work very intimately and physically with them, in order that this inner connection should grow strong. But when it is established, your duties may take you somewhere quite different without its being in any way weakened.

Rodney Collin

Pompei and Vesuvius