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The Six Processes

George Gurdjieff explained that every phenomenon in the universe will inevitably be the result of the interaction of three forces: active, passive and neutralizing. Years later Rodney Collin deep dived into this idea and found numerous examples of how this law manifested in the macrocosmos and in the microcosmos (humans). Furthermore, he realized that there are only six possible combinations of how these three forces can be organized, resulting into what he called The Six Processes.

According to this theory -hand in hand with Gurdjieff’s observation – every phenomenon is the result of one of the Six Processes. In addition, five of these processes are inevitable and mechanical, they occur by themselves, some bringing ascending octaves, and others bring descending octaves as a result. But then, there is one process -Regeneration – in which we will be particularly interested, the only one that can only happen by conscious efforts and will. 

In this workshop we will present this theory and revise what do they mean in our inner work, and how observing their manifestations can be a new tool for our spiritual development.