24 FEBRUARY 2018 | 10am California time

Online Workshop hosted by Myrto K

Maurice Nicoll refers to the Law of Three as follows: “Every manifestation in the universe is the result of the combination of three forces. These forces are called Active Force (1st Force), Passive Force (2nd Force) and Neutralizing Force (3rd Force). The first one, can be defined as a Starting Force, the second as a Resisting, and the third as the Balancing, or Combining, or Connecting force.”

In the forthcoming workshop, we will explore how the Law of Three manifests in our micro-cosmos. We will share observations of the second and the third forces, focusing on moments of our daily life in which we encounter “triads,” and seek to understand how our work could possibly affect the unfolding of events.

The recording of this workshop is available for BePeriod students only