10 JUNE 2018 | 6pm GMT

Online Workshop hosted by Asaf Braverman

We concluded the previous workshop by setting an aim to distinguish between daydreaming generated by the moving center and daydreaming generated by the emotional center. This exercise helped bring more attention to the habit daydreaming, and also indirectly shed light on the difference between the emotional and the moving centers. Students invariably observed that daydreams generated by the emotional center were kept alive by intrigue, injustice, or gossip, while those generated by the moving center were kept alive by momentum, haste, or association.

In this Sunday’s workshop we will focus on the moving center’s urge to keep momentum and generate haste. We will formulate methods of reining it in, and examine how reining in the queen of spades can bring us closer to higher centers.

The recording of this workshop is available for BePeriod students only