6 MAY 2018 | 6pm GMT

Online Workshop hosted by Asaf Braverman

In observing the triad of horse, chariot, and driver so far, we focused on three centers: emotional, intellectual, and moving. In this workshop (and throughout the labor of May) we will aim to understand the role of the instinctive center in this triad. “When a person lacks discrimination and his mind is undisciplined,” says the Katha Upanishad, “the senses run hither and thither like wild horses. But they obey the reins like trained horses when one has discrimination and has made the mind one-pointed.” In preparation for this workshop, I invite you to observe and photograph these two instances in yourselves: one, when your horses are running ‘higher and thither’ wildly, and the other, in contrast, when they are obedient and trained. We will share these observations during the workshop.

The recording of this workshop is available for BePeriod students only