19 AUGUST 2018 | 6pm GMT

Online workshop hosted by Asaf Braverman
In this workshop, we will review how the lower centers govern our psychology, and how they divide into parts (Jacks, Queens, and Kings). Just like each of us is born with a dominant left or right hand, a dominant eye, ear, foot, etc., so each of us is born with a dominant part of a center. This is called our center of gravity, in the sense that we gravitate toward it, use it more than other parts, or believe the ‘I’s it generates more than ‘I’s from other parts. Each part of a center in this workshop will be represented by a student who suspects that part might be their center of gravity. They will tell us which kind of ‘I’s it generates, what kind of difficulties it poses for their work, and in what ways it helps their work.

The recording of this workshop is available for BePeriod students only