Our work during the month of January was to set aims. This forced us to observe ourselves and led us to explore our chief features. What remains for the labor of January is to name the feature we observed in a personal way, one that characterizes it without judgement. Naming separate the mind from identification, opening the door for a deeper separation. Here are a few instructive quotations:

Gurdjieff was very ingenious in the definition of features. I realized on this occasion that not everyone’s chief feature could be defined. With some people this feature can be so hidden beneath different formal manifestations as to be almost impossible to find.

Peter Ouspensky

Those around him see a man’s chief feature however hidden it may be. Of course they cannot always define it. But their definitions are often very good and very near. Take nicknames. Nicknames sometimes define chief features very well.

George Gurdjieff

One very common feature, described in many places in the New Testament, is when we see other people’s faults but not our own. Then certain kinds of self-pity are very common. And there are also curious combinations for which it is sometimes difficult to find a psychological definition.

Peter Ouspensky

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