There is a paradox in this work: When I am in a higher state of consciousness I know exactly what I must do in order to "Be," but I don't need that knowledge because I already "Am." When I am in a lower state of consciousness I forget what I must do in order to "Be," precisely when that knowledge would be most beneficial to me. In this tutorial, we will explore the role of attitudes in bridging between these two extremes, a way of retaining some of the traces of my higher understandings even when my consciousness has declined. We will draw from the Biblical story of Moses descending from Mount Sinai with tablets, as an allegory of retaining something with us when we descend from a higher state. And we will set an aim to apply these methods throughout the week, pulling against the wrong attitudes of negative emotions by applying positive attitudes.


  1. john robert reilly passmore

    This experience will do. Rather than be impatient with myself for passively considering “theory about the work” ie, watching a video, I take heart from the fact that I am also seeking, which is to say, doing an active thing. Knowing is in doing and that is being. So it seems in all things to be perceptible both ways.
    So! My desire to know is why I am here, and knowing is in doing.

  2. Marcella Berardi

    What I’ve observed since now is that, in a practical way, all my falls are the best remind to the work. Having choose not to express negative emotions and to remember me moment by moment, there are several opportunity to see where mostly I lose the goal. I have already met some hidden “Is” that are now a little bit more predictable, however many times I can’t prevent them and I see me irritated or outraged by injustice or fully asleep, and so on. But as soon as I realize that I … or better “it” fells, another I comes to help me to recover. Some times, but not very often, I’m able to prevent the negative emotion of the moment because it comes while I am already ready to work, I mean, while I am in a high state of consciousness. So I have verified that the work is cumulative, the more I go down, the more I have to stand up and so doing I carve my tablet in stones.

  3. Alen

    The strongest and most simple attitude and thought for Me is that I do not have to be identified. Everything before the Work I took for granted. I never thought of it in this way before. I do not have to Be like this, internally considering, loosing Myself in negativity, Identified and with a false Image of Myself.
    With this “I do not have to Be” material through the Work, something grows in to “I have to ascend from this chaos in Myself”. That is a sign of an attitude growing.
    This “attitude door” is really peculiar. When You enter it You have to shrink because they are really small. But from the other side, they are enormously Big. It is easier to go out, then to come in.
    The opportunity through Work comes first with the things that we do not have to be. The seed of this if nourished, grows in to things we must Be.
    The power of Work attitudes is in the fact that they are not connected with pleasure and success only, but with both sides of the coin. Clear opportunity has this power taken from contradiction, which in any case helps us to Be.

    1. William Scholte

      Nice, Alen. Internally, we are ‘looking down’ when we are identified and the attitude you describe presents the possibility of ‘looking up’, if we remember. When I am identified, quite often my gaze is resting on the ground externally as well. I have found that an effort to keep my gaze above the horizon helps bring this attitude to the fore when I discover myself in a lower state.

  4. John

    There is an I, from time to time, who remains in situ but detatched and accepts impressions, suggestions, and reminders from other I’s. This is a recent phenomenon for me and has resulted in more circumspect activities, i.e. doing and remembering things that would have otherwise gone undone or forgotten; seeing things that are happening from a different, more meaningful perspective. I wonder if this more omnipresent I is on a higher level.

    1. John F. Walz

      Thanks for sharing that verification John.
      Yes, its very possible that something new is evolving due to your increased efforts in this new forum.
      There is also an energy from Working together that is different then Working on one’s own.

  5. Tim

    Moses was lucky to be coming down the mountain with those tablets and not up! I say this because I find good attitude, right attitude, is essentially predicated on rest and conservation of energy. When I am tired and need more physical sleep I am irritable and short tempered. When the physical sleep comes it is much easier to be towards the top half of the stream. Extending the analogy further, by not letting negative I’s take root and sap even more waking energy, it is easier to self observe. Now the possibility of a right attitude can float in.

    A big part of this, for me, is to prepare the day before, to know what your aims are (eg, watching the jack of diamonds at lunch with friends) and to help your cause with a good night’s sleep, prayer, etc. Now it is a little easier to work… and isn’t that better than staying up late or being hung over? So clearly some of this comes down to right valuation. So right valuation first, then next would come conservation of energy, then try for an attitude adjustment.

    Something I’ve been thinking about lately is spinning The Work around and instead of focusing on awakening focus on conserving energy. Get good physical sleep, conserve your emotional energy and become more finely attuned to stress. When a train pulls up along side you and its headed some place not conducive to The Work, would you get on?

    Watch! Do not sleep.

    1. John F. Walz

      Hello Tim,
      in the Food Diagram group, we specifically discuss the relationship between the energies of the instinctive, Moving and Sex Center of the “Lower Story” and their impact on the Emotional Center and Thinking Center. We go into detail regarding how ” Wrong Work of Centers” drains the precious energetic resources.
      If one does not have the energy to stay in the Second State, its very doubtful they will have enough to get to the Third.

    2. Thomas Neuschatz

      Tim, Your perception of having the right energy is certainly at the core of the work. While reasonable amounts of rest in the first state is needed, handling energy in the second state is the key. Avoiding judgement, irritation, unnecessary talk, imagination and other wasteful activities allows a fountain of fine emotional energy available for efforts and Presence. And the way to avoid these little thieving devils? Watch, Sleep not.

  6. Orazio Sorgonà

    I have two examples of “laws” left on tablets,
    as ‘work i’s’ to recall me back to an higher understanding.

    One. Getting close to its own death, obviously my machine was in an ‘unusual’ functionig. It all went very intense and compressed. I leave here to say what I had experienced then. I knew machine would have returned to its usual functioning (well, provided I would not have died! yet I was inclined to think that they would have healed me, at the hospital where I was; as they had… well, you never say!); so I would have not the experience in that form, and I wanted to retain the verifications.
    it ahd been then exactly, through the weeks and months, like ‘unrolling’ down and down some thread from above.
    until just some weeks ago, I remembered an “i” from Robert Burton about death (forgive, I don’t know the original English, I read on his book in the Italian translation): ” I will forgive your errors and you will mine, but death will not”. And this exacly summons the understanding and I can “brng it in my pocket” to remember.

    Two. I had experienced the usage of the “King of Diamonds” and “King of Spades” in the non-expression of negative emotions; and of the “King of Hearts” in the transformation. As, by that time,I was dealing with mechanical expressions of the former two ‘cards’, in studying theoretical engineering; and of the latter, paining because of a love relationship; I had been then particularly struck by how incomparable consciousness is with mechanicalness. So then, I came to the pocket-size aphorism:
    “Real Science is non-expression of negative emotions and Real Art is transformation of”.

  7. Jack

    I love the use of pictures, on our Google+ site, and art that Asaf has shown us in The Work. I now, when I observe myself, use pictures often. When I observe myself identified, I see leeches on me sucking energy out of me and now use the picture of Moses receiving the tablet to remember what The Work has told me, to not identify, remember myself, not express negative emotions.I feel the value I place on these pictures is a positive attitude. I am also learning a lot from our community.

  8. Jacob Gauthier

    For some time, while I brush my teeth I try to stay in the moment and focus on the electric toothbrush touching and cleaning every tooth, one by one. This morning I was struggling with my imagination, and mostly losing the battle. As I started up my toothbrush as part of the morning ritual, bang, the imagination stopped and I came totally into focus. Quite a pleasant surprise.

    1. Thomas Neuschatz

      Jacob, it seems efforts are yielding results. We make efforts, the results and their timing are not under our control. It is very satisfying to continue a line of efforts – in many ways the effort IS the reward or the result. Usually brushing teeth happens in front of a mirror where the instinctive center looks at the instinctive center. The focus you mention seems to be closer to the Self regarding itSelf – a very high state.

  9. Myrto

    The subtle thread that connects me with the upper level, and enables the recall of the positive attitudes at the difficult moment, is conscious breathing. Yesterday, I had a quick discussion with my boss ( the MD of the company) about the progress of my projects. Self judgment and internal dialogue on my head arose as usual-not at the moment of the discussion, but just after that. I escaped from this, by conscious breathing, observing the Serpent and recalling a sense of emotional ‘warmth’ directed to the ‘coldness’ of the Self-Judge.

    1. William Scholte

      ‘The breath’ is a very portable and inconspicuous tool to bring attention back to the body, which is always in the present. Adding an intentional emotional effort, such as the one you describe, brings more energy and ‘more of oneself’ to the moment at hand. Behind all this, a ‘work attitude’ regarding the futility and danger of ‘self-judgement’ confronts the self judgement which is, itself, the result of old, habitual attitudes and mechanical reactions that do not serve our aim to Be. Our attitudes, conscious or unconscious, enter as third force and can determine whether we ‘rise’ or ‘fall’ in a given moment.

  10. Melissa Sweet

    I’ve been struggling, for awhile now, with my husband’s refusal to take care of his health. I go thru periods of frustration and rage combined with sadness and fear, imagining what the future holds. I stratagize ways in which I might awaken him. Nothing helps. This morning, I read again, the teaching on positive attitudes, Moses and the Tablets. Now, I sit here with the attitude that, perhaps, my husband may be exactly where he needs to be and that my place is to allow it to unfold in its own way without meddling.m I’m unsure but it seems that this is coming from a ” higher” place.
    Some of you are able to discern the center which is operating. The king of clubs etc. I find this to be difficult for myself although I do know that my center of gravity lies in my emotional center. I feel that if I could clarify the functions of my centers, when they show up, I could make better emotional decisions.

  11. Thomas Neuschatz

    Melissa, you seem to have arrived at that “higher” place and brought the attitudes down the mountain. I have similar thoughts about spouse. She has her own frailties, as I do. I can only hold out a hand to help when she might wish to change; it is not my position to initiate change, just Be Present and await the right moment. This “waiting with Presence” can be a high state.
    Regarding making better emotional decisions, awareness of emotional reactions, awareness that emotions themselves are separate and outside of Presence gives the space to make use of more intelligent emotions. Writing this, I realize the advice is for me as much as you. Thank you.

  12. Surya Pratap Singh

    Thank you Asaf.
    I feel that understanding of higher state can not be applied or used in a lower state, because understanding is the union of knowledge and being therefore when my being is in lower state i cant use understanding of higher state because that was another being, a higher being. What remains in lower state is the knowledge of higher state and experience of some peaceful and blissful moments which can be used for comparing the two states and producing in us the desire to attain the higher states again, cause now i would not long to live in a mess of lower state when i am aware that the higher state is a possibility for me.
    I only need to deepen this desire by collecting glimpses of higher states and making myself remember in my lower states that i can live better.