What is the transformation that this teaching points to? What actually happens when I reach the top of the pyramid? In the tutorial on “Knowledge and Being” we examined how learning proceeds step by step, one step of knowledge followed by a step of verification, and we applied this principle to observing negative emotions. In the tutorial on “Payment and Effort” we examined the wrong attitudes behind negative emotions, and experimented with sacrificing them. In the tutorial on “Positive Attitude” we examined how our higher moments of consciousness may form new attitudes, attitudes that then remain even when our consciousness declines. Self-study; sacrificing wrong attitudes; creating new attitudes; these are fundamental aspects of working with negativity. But what is the ultimate aim behind the non-expression of negative emotions? In this tutorial, we will explore that aim. We will draw from the Hindu myth of the “Churning of the Milky Ocean” specifically the base of the churning, where Vishnu incarnates in the form of a turtle to support Mount Mandara. And we will use this myth to convey the transformative potential behind the non-expression of negative emotions.