Where does this work lead to? What would happen if we succeeded in prolonging our efforts to “Be” so that our consciousness became a constant flame? If we became more consistently conscious, then we would access two new functions called “higher emotional” and “higher intellectual” centers. These are not ordinary functions like the emotional, intellectual or moving functions. They are aspects of the Master. In this tutorial we will examine these two functions. We will draw from the Gospel scene of Mary meeting Jesus in the garden, to see how the Genesis temptation is reversed, and Paradise regained. And we will use this understanding to place our daily efforts in a bigger context. Our moment-to-moment efforts to resist haste, resist expressing negativity, resist indulging in imagination, ultimately aim to connect with the Master.


  1. Marcella Berardi

    Although it isn’t the first time this video was published, only now, looking at it again, I saw the main topic, or better, what impressed me most: the speed. The effort to avoid to express negative emotion, is a way to accelerate the lower centres and to colleague them to the higher centres. It needs an energy for this aim, and as we can see physically, water begins to rotate under the effect of the hot: the more the fire works, the more the water accelerates until it boils. I saw this aspect for the first time because I lived on my own experience the failure for not being enough quick in responding to some friction that happened to me recently . Frictions, are tools, neither positive nor negative, I feel, but they push you to go faster to “jump” on them, otherwise you can’t use their power. And this time I lost this opportunity.

  2. John

    Thus the understanding of Fall, the Resurrection, and the Ascension comes through but the “how” still evades me. All of this is taking place in me but (a) it remains in the intellect, (b) it can be understood but not assimilated, and (c) one can prepare for the “bridegroom” by recognizing and dispelling distractions and have faith that he will be recognized when he arrives.

  3. John

    The discussion of the reversal of Eden, the Resurection, the Ascension begs the question of the dogma of the Assumption. Is this to say that the higher intellecutal center is capable of becomming one with Master but that the higher emotional center is not capable of doing so on its own?

    1. John F. Walz

      Hello John,
      my understanding is that the Higher Emotional Center is considered Master in relation to the rest of the machine.It is the first level of being that is considered awake, yet, it is not a permanent state. It is not until a person Crystallizes that they can be said to be fully awake. This involves accessing and “fusing” Higher Intellectual. Eventually, another level of Consciousness, Self Consciousness is also possible. The Self is considered a direct reflection of the Absolute and is considered the Real Master. These two latter stages of conscious evolution are a Sense of I that is Conscious all the time, so it can “get to heaven on its own”. Whereas the Higher Emotional is not permanent and needs the Higher Intellectual to maintain that permanence.
      The “how” involves the First and Second Conscious Shocks.

  4. John

    I will go to the book by Ouspensky for 1st and 2nd Conscious Shocks and get back to you with a question. But back to the Ascension-Assumption metaphors; what is their relationship? What is the ascension if Christ represents the intellectual; and the assumption if the feminine represents the emotional?

    1. Orazio Sorgonà

      Dante Alighieri,to the work of which I am quite accustomed, remarks in his ‘Paradise’ that Jesus and Mary are ‘the only two’ who are in Heaven ‘with’ their own bodies.
      I suppose it refers to the degree of development of a man no.7 and maybe of a man no.6 also, meaning
      that their higher consciousness manifests itself fully (in the different degrees)in the very physical bodies of theirs (if they still have a living ‘vegetative’ body).
      Meher Baba speaks of this, of different degrees of God-Realisation and their relation to the physical body and world as we conceive them.

      This is however a ‘philosphical’ level of understanding of mine.
      On a practical, which is twice superior, level,
      I can have the attitude that the ‘separation’ of Christ from Magdalene, a non-indulgence in mechanical, either justified, emotions, brings
      to Higher Consciousness, in both his masculine aspect of Higher Intellectual and feminine of Higher Emotional.
      And this attitude will be very useful when dealing with the Queen of Hearts.
      Thus “ascension” may refer in general to reaching teh Fourth State and “assumption” the Third.

      I regard that Scriptures have not or can ever have ‘one’ meaning in the way our lower intellectual function conceive something to have ‘one’ meaning.
      From time to time I grasp some practical for me significance of a saying, another. And it works.

    1. John F. Walz

      Hello John,
      you may find the Food Diagram group helpful regarding the first and second conscious shocks. We have gone through the diagram step by step emphasizing the shocks.
      I agree with your understanding that the ascension may have to do with a more masculine or intellectual aspect and the assumption a more feminine and emotional.