During the labor of February, we experimented with using our deeper habits as fuel for self-observation. This required intelligent, rather than forceful, efforts. As our understanding of ourselves deepens, so does our ability to make such intelligent efforts.

Understanding is the resultant of a simultaneous growth of knowledge and being. Prince Siddhartha's explorations outside his palace walls portray this process, wherein the prince first witnesses new things (being) and is then explained their meaning by his charioteer (knowledge). In this tutorial, we apply this principle to work with negativity.


  1. Vicki Robinson

    Each day I practice at Being, noticeable moments I have stopped taken in what surrounds me. My knowledge of that moment experienced, tends to allow myself to self-correct any negative emotion that bubbles to my surface. Knowledge of me, allows me to continue to be me in a more positive confident me.

  2. Maurice Nicoll

    As you know, a union between knowledge and being is necessary before understanding results. For this reason this knowledge that you are studying must be applied to your being—and you will certainly not apply it if you do not value the ideas of the Work. A parallel development of knowledge and being is necessary.