Since non-identification is our February 2017 labor, let us review the tutorial on identification. If I cannot see the thoughts, sensations and emotions of this moment as a small part of me, then they assume my identity; I fall into what this teaching calls 'identification.' "Identifying is the chief obstacle to self-remembering," said George Gurdjieff. "A man who identifies with anything is unable to remember himself."


  1. Tim

    As Maurice Nicoll points out, internal considering is a branch of identification. One’s personality is the machine and we must realize we are nothing – therefore there should be nothing to internally consider.

  2. philippe bitton

    This is a strange statement, “A man who identifies with anything is unable to remember himself.”, but is one not identified with the “self” one is remembering? Is not accepting a specific idea of the “self” an identification? so that what is expressed in that statement might be that there is nothing to remember of oneself, but all one remember of himself is all of one’s identifications, isn’t it?

  3. philippe bitton

    For example, I identified myself with the idea of being a Machine of Many I’s…this identification permits me to try to pay attention to my many identifications. Therefore, I might come to such a community and seek to discover how I am functioning. I seem to be unable not to identified…by simply making a statement I demonstrate that I am identified with the content of the statement. It is some idea that I hold as true, as valuable, and so I will find myself sharing them.
    What I seem to be able to remember, is that I am indeed greatly identified with the many facets of my life, and these identifications change often. Even as I found myself simply observing, identified I am with being the Observer.

  4. Hicham B.

    “If you identify with all your inner states, with your negative emotions and dreary thoughts and so on, as people do in life if they are quite asleep, then where you are psychologically will
    be what you are at that moment. You will be your state at that time.” Maurice Nicoll

    1. philippe bitton

      Though, even as Maurice Nicoll is expressing this, he is in identification, for as he also expressed, in the first comment…there is nothing to consider…nothing to be identify with at that moment…not even an inner state….What I seem to observe and realize is that it seems that we are always in a state of identification, the difference will seem to be the level or degree of identification.
      For example, as we state ourselves being asleep, we identify with that state…this is how we see ourselves…and if we do some work, such as limiting our negative emotions reactions, we identify with that part of the work…there is it seems no escape to “identification”.

        1. graham cole

          Also There is a Different flavour to identification and quite another one to Self remembering. Gurdjieff Said that with effort you will Know the Difference when Self Remembering it comes to you. The Degree Of Consciousness, like Asaf Describes.