As we verify the functions of our Micro-cosmos, we begin examining each of them from the point of view of consciousness. Which of our functions can aid our aim to “Be,” which is indifferent to it, and which opposes it? In this tutorial we will explore this question. We will draw from the San Marco creation of man out of dust and spirit, dust representing his earthbound part and spirit his higher part. And we will see that the struggle to “Be” is a struggle between man’s Higher and Lower Self.


  1. Maurice Nicoll

    What is a lower and what is a higher level in yourself? The Work is to make us live on a higher level of ourselves. For example, suppose you begin to internally consider. You start making accounts, making out that others owe you, thinking that you are badly treated, worrying about what others think of you, and so on. This is an activity of a lower level of yourself. That is, you cannot live on a better level of yourself if you are going to indulge all the time
    in internal considering. Now suppose you begin to dislike the inner
    taste of considering. Then when internal considering starts in you and you notice it you will feel uncomfortable. Why? Because you have
    already begun to feel what a higher level is like. You feel uncomfortable by reason of the contrast.

  2. John F. Walz

    Nothing inspires more than “success”, that is, when I Divide Attention, and bring myself to Be Present in this moment, and verify that this state is very different than where I was just a moment before, it inspires my efforts to attempt to Be Present in the next moment.

  3. Charles Rodkoff

    Hello Asaf, there seems to be two elements that fuel my desire to work. The first is the repulsion of lower states of consciousness. This happens when I can no longer buffer observations of the lower self left unattended – the inattentiveness, thoughtlessness, self-serving actions, or any number of the “thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to….”.
    The other element that fuels my work is the memory of higher states and the attraction to them.
    Candidly speaking, it’s the former that, more often, provides the impetus to Be.

  4. Tim

    Desire is when we do something that we want to do. I desire to avoid oblivion. I desire to have something which lives beyond the physical death of my body. I desire to escape from prison (as described by Gurdjieff).

    Will is when we do what we don’t want to do. I, I-me, I… I will to transform negativity and suffering.

    My life is already better because of the work. My awareness, while not always awake, is much more educated.

  5. Lenny Gazbowski

    I have tasted rare moments when I have come to simply Be, not through conscious efforts did these rare moments descend upon me. So I yearn to be rid of the shackles of the i, me and mine arena. There is disapointment when I fail to observe, but again I use this as a positive tool to try even more to simply Be.

  6. Marlie Avant

    Poetry, the garden, painting, tai chi, studying higher truths , simply quieting myself, feeling presence, witnessing the poignancy,fragility, terror, suffering and beauty of life unfolding around me….listening to the questions that arise within me…..and Love