Just as photosynthesis increases the production of energy in a plant, self-remembering increases the production of energy in the micro-cosmos. This means that after a series of successful efforts we have more energy at our disposal. This energy is volatile and will seek to leak out. "If we do not stop these leaks," advises Peter Ouspensky, "increased production will only increase the leaks." Therefore, in the context of the April Labor of focusing on successful efforts, let us dedicate this coming week to observing and stopping leaks.

Which habitual leaks can you observe in yourself?


  1. Maria Clara Olivi

    Olá, friends,
    About the speed of the centers, this video reveals the emotional is the faster of the four lower centers.
    So I thought the instinctive was the faster because it works without our immediate perception…, our brains works, our blood and cells are invisible for us. ….so rapid they work…
    So, the emotions are more quick than the instincts?

    1. Asaf Braverman Post author

      The emotions can be quicker, Maria Clara, because the emotional center can work with finer energies than the instinctive center. At the same time, finer energies are also more volatile, more prone to leaking. So in practice, your observation that your emotional center isn’t working faster than your instinctive center is probably valid.

      Efforts to minimize the expression of negativity stop leaks. If, during a moment of negativity, you manage to stop its expression and remember yourself, then you’ll probably verify how – at that moment – the emotional center can function at great speeds.

      This comment has the flavor of such an experience: https://beperiod.com/en/posts/april-2017/#comment-2576

      1. Maria Clara Olivi

        Thank Asaf, really I have now the insight about the speed of emotional center trough your explanation. When I become excited with or about an event, thought or an idea, immediately I eat more and more…..so I percieved that the emotion leads me as a slave.
        So, indeed the speed of emotional center is faster than instinctive and motor centers.
        Who knows if I get thin now…a great discovery is done”
        Thank you very much!

      2. graham cole

        I am guilty of unnecessary Chatter when i have not seen my partner For a time, and i end up feeling very tired after we Catch up. I have stopped it now, and am constantly on Guard of how emotional i can talk to her when we have been apart.

    1. Hicham B.

      I like the expression “they take up my entire mental space” Evgueni. Because they do.
      In my case, it’s more of a “noise” than a pure signal to use the electrical engineering terminology. An internal dialogue without an end. Thoughts of past and future events.
      I sometimes travel 5 km with my bicycle without even knowing how I did it!
      One useful exercise I’m experimenting with is to bring my attention to my breathing. Just filling how air flows in and out.
      This awareness alone changes my breathing and this latter becomes more regular and deep. As a consequence, my mind clears gradually and thoughts slow down and I start noticing things around me.
      Now the big struggle is to remember to do this exercise.

  2. Bastián Osorio

    In Chile, my country, there´s some shaman tradition. Using plants and singing a few songs, shaman help people to release negative emotions acumulated. The lyrics of the songs are beatiful poetry, and allow understand what is behind negative emotions.

  3. Dean Whittingham

    Much of my leaks come from boredom – the lower self despises the work so much it traps the mind into believing it is boring.

    Emotionally, this manifests into self-pity
    Instinctively I think, this manifests into wanting to make a coffee, have a beer etc
    Intellectually, this manifests into imagining more ‘interesting’ things to do
    Physically, this manifests into not being able to sit still.

  4. Adriana

    I have a question in reagard to imagination. Day dreaming and imagination are leaks of energy, what is then the right work when it comes to creativity? To create a painting, a garden a house I have to “imagine”? that which I want to create.

    Thank you,


    1. Asaf Braverman Post author

      ‘Daydreaming’ is a better word for what the system commonly calls ‘imagination.’ As you point out, ‘imagination’ can be both creative or useless, whereas ‘daydreaming’ rarely has creative connotations.

      It is a question of aim. If I need to compose an article of the kind published on this site, then I must think deliberately. Which ideas would I like to share? Where to start? Where to end? How to get from one point to another? This cannot happen through daydreaming. Daydreaming is an uncontrolled rambling of the mind that usually cycles through three or four ‘I’s, endlessly. It is symbolized by the wheel of fortune in the Tarot. The ‘I’ on top is king for a day (about three seconds), and is soon replaced by another associative ‘I’, then replaced by another, and so on, effortlessly.

  5. Hicham B.

    The most important energy leak I have observed these days is this internal voice that keeps talking inside my head!
    I make my displacements with a bicycle and each time I go from point A to pint B, the “monkey” starts taking control of my mind. Thoughts range from affirming to denying, what to do, what not to do, what if etc.
    I am experimenting with bringing my attention to my breathing while pedaling or trying to sense the road and the physical impressions coming from it.
    Any other exercise is welcome as this “mental chatter” is draining a lot of energy.

  6. Tim

    I observe the instinctive center leaks today and am reminded how small my perception must be. I observe their daily, repetitive nature and realize how much of my existence has been based on the space I allowed them to take up. Oh to be still, very very still, would be such a blessing.

  7. Jim Vander Noot

    In the effort to observe and stop leaks in the physical center, I observe that often my physical “I” begins to move in one direction automatically, for a specific purpose, such as washing my feet. When partway up the stairs, my intellectual center becomes aware that I want to put my socks, which are downstairs, directly onto clean feet, and I must change direction. This gives me direct evidence of the relative speed of the centers – my physical “I” has started a task before the intellectual center has fully formulated the task. Recognizing this, I will work to allow the intellectual “I” time to more fully understand the task.

  8. Adriana

    I realized that I have been more aware of my leaks through the “mental chatter” as Hichman describes it, recently I discovered that I waste significant energy though movement. Several times I week I have to participate in some conference calls that last for about an hour. While in the call I became aware that I walk all over the room as I am on the phone. I intentionally sit down and have the aim to “stay put” then I find myself amuse to see how the body starts moving again.


    1. Asaf Braverman Post author

      I wouldn’t put it that way, Arjun. The work of the centers can be sped up, especially the emotional center. You could say that a mark of a higher level of being is the ability to speed up one’s emotional center, experience and sustain more profound emotions, that bring one closer to higher centers.