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Recent Workshops...

Negative Emotions

The expression of negative emotions is the biggest energy leak of our cosmos. The September labor invites us to review our habitual negative emotions and classify them. Note also that only the more obvious negative emotions manifest externally; many subtle negative emotions express themselves internally, when our minds mill over accounts our hearts have formed with others. We will dedicate this workshop to detecting these leaks and plugging them, drawing from a unique artwork titled “The phases of man.”

Question and Answer forum for New Students

Since several students have joined BePeriod lately, and since on the other hand there is a core of students who’ve completed a few annual cycles, we will dedicate this next workshop for a question and answer session. Newer students are invited to pose questions to more experienced students. “On the fourth way there is not one teacher,” said George Gurdjieff; “Whoever is the elder, he is the teacher. And as the teacher is indispensable to the pupil, so also is the pupil indispensable to the teacher.” This workshop will be an opportunity both for new students to ask questions, as well as for more experienced students to formulate their verifications around the questions asked.


Grape harvest is symbolic of work on the emotions. During this labor, we will observe our heart as it functions by nature. Here we find some of the biggest energy leaks, and the roots of many of our habitual patterns. We will focus our first September workshop on one of these leaks, namely ‘identification.’ We will present the theory behind this manifestation and lay down the foundation for observing it in practice.