This post is inspired by Myrto’s and Anselmo’s workshop on emotional fear. We have been working with this subject for a couple of weeks. Negative emotions such as fear, judgement, or irritation, are the largest waste of energy in the micro-cosmos; a good reason for exploring work with fear.

I would like to share my own experience with handling emotional fears, such fears that one can project on oneself or other people.

I’ve formulated this approach by understanding the following principle: a strong bad flavor in my mouth can’t be removed by playing music or turning on the light. It can only be removed by applying another, stronger flavor. A strong green light in my room can’t be removed by applying noise or flavor. It can only be changed by applying a different and stronger tone of light. I’ve adopted the same principle to fear, and Myrto’s and Anselmo’s workshop helped me verbalize the results.

For me, the keyword is belief. I have a definite conviction (and it doesn’t matter whether things actually work this way or not) that daydreaming about fears helps bring them to pass. Again, it doesn’t matter whether or not this is true. What matters is my belief that it is true. The energy of fear contains the energy of desire.

Let’s say that I fear getting involved in a car accident. This is the green light in the room. My belief that daydreaming about this fear may help bring about the situation creates a new fear. This other fear is like a new tone of light. This new tone of light, if strong enough, may overpower the original fear. The stronger my belief, the more instant and powerful it overpowers the original fear. Using this principle, I’ve overcome fears of getting ill, of economical difficulties, of family issues, etc.

Discussing the matter with Asaf, he indicated another good way of approaching fear by asking oneself what is the opposite of fear? The only formulation I found was self-confidence, which for me is based on belief, a definite conviction, sometimes also based on knowledge.

What do you feel is the opposite of fear?