This post is inspired by Myrto’s and Anselmo’s workshop on emotional fear. We have been working with this subject for a couple of weeks. Negative emotions such as fear, judgement, or irritation, are the largest waste of energy in the micro-cosmos; a good reason for exploring work with fear.

I would like to share my own experience with handling emotional fears, such fears that one can project on oneself or other people.

I’ve formulated this approach by understanding the following principle: a strong bad flavor in my mouth can’t be removed by playing music or turning on the light. It can only be removed by applying another, stronger flavor. A strong green light in my room can’t be removed by applying noise or flavor. It can only be changed by applying a different and stronger tone of light. I’ve adopted the same principle to fear, and Myrto’s and Anselmo’s workshop helped me verbalize the results.

For me, the keyword is belief. I have a definite conviction (and it doesn’t matter whether things actually work this way or not) that daydreaming about fears helps bring them to pass. Again, it doesn’t matter whether or not this is true. What matters is my belief that it is true. The energy of fear contains the energy of desire.

Let’s say that I fear getting involved in a car accident. This is the green light in the room. My belief that daydreaming about this fear may help bring about the situation creates a new fear. This other fear is like a new tone of light. This new tone of light, if strong enough, may overpower the original fear. The stronger my belief, the more instant and powerful it overpowers the original fear. Using this principle, I’ve overcome fears of getting ill, of economical difficulties, of family issues, etc.

Discussing the matter with Asaf, he indicated another good way of approaching fear by asking oneself what is the opposite of fear? The only formulation I found was self-confidence, which for me is based on belief, a definite conviction, sometimes also based on knowledge.

What do you feel is the opposite of fear?


  1. Harish Nagaraja

    The opposite of fear is always a state of safety,security from the dangers in life.Take the example of rat and cat .A cat can induce fear in rat.The rat experiences fear of being killed and eventual death .A rat is only fearless until it’s at a safe and secured place away from cat’s reach.

    The rat itself can induce fear in many smaller beings like small insects.On the other hand a cat can be fearful of many being up the ladder like tiger,cheetah etc .Fear and fearlessness are only two faces of the same coin.We as human beings knowingly or unknowingly either induce fear else suffer from fear.

    So we again come to the same point in life, neither this nor that.
    Neither fear nor fearlessness can save us. As our respected teacher G I Gurdjieff has guided us the fourth way is only the ultimate solution.

    1. Kalev K Post author

      Thank you Harish for reply.
      The fears you described here seems more like instinctive fears to me. Insect – rat – cat: this is like eat or be eaten.
      But if we look to such fears, for example: when my sons go out to school at morning I fear something may hurt them?

        1. Wendy

          I like that thought. In my opinion hate is a deepness and mutation of love. We usually build it over a time or moments of pondering on the same thought process. If love is the ultimate of what our universe is made of(simple terms) then, to me, hate is love that holds guilt and fear of that love being taken. So the mask of hate will grow on us. Hate could be said to be a combination of love and fear improperly mixed.

  2. Flávia Sardinha

    Is there an opposite of fear at all? What is fear? How does it act? Does fear create/seek for this sense of security? Is it possible, by any chance, to be/have/feel secure? Or is fear creating in time, therefore projecting a “future”, a state of security that is, in its root, based on fear.

    Right now, in Brazil, there are thousand of people without pay. Their employer, the government, are not paying them. Right now in Brazil there are a lot of people seeking for a public service job. Flávia was educated like that: get a public job that way you’ll be “secure” for the rest of your life, until the grave. You’ll work for 30 or 40 years but will be guaranteed. After that you can enjoy your retirement, your kids and so on.

    But is it possible to be secure? We don’t know what may happen, we can believe we can control it, but anything can happen. There can be war, economical/politics problems, you may get ill, you may die, your son can die, your husband can find another woman…
    So, how does this fear act? Does it involve time? Does it involve the process of thinking?

    1. Kalev K Post author

      Thank you Flávia for comment,
      From back to top – yes, if the fear participates in daydreaming, it involves thinking and time. And wastes a lot of energy. If this does not exist in daydreaming, there is no question at all.
      In actual post we did not set an aim to classify the fears, just concentrated on emotional fear – a fear that one can project on oneself or on other people.
      Is it possible to live having no fears in daydreaming?

      1. Wendy

        Why so much on daydreaming as a negative? Aren’t daydreamers the ones who changed the world when their thoughts and ideas were taboo. Does not the art that inspires our lives come from the daydreamers who created the art? I can understand it’s ability to be too much or overcome us. But like fear, daydreaming can be inspiring. Courage is a consequence of not letting fear take over, thus one must first be in fear to have courage. As daydreaming is a consequence of being creative and different from the hurd. Mostly they spend time daydreaming. I am sharing my opinion and asking questions, as I am new here to the site.

  3. Hannah K

    I would say that the opposite of fear is understanding. From personal experience when I have been able to move beyond fear of certain people or certain situations it has been because I have been able to look at them from a more objective, intelligent or compassionate view point which has brought about an understanding of that situation or that person’s reality. This in turn has reduced or eliminated the fear.

  4. Jack

    I agree with Hannah as we do The Work, thru gaining knowledge, observing ourselves, resisting identification, resisting negative emotions, and external considering we gain understanding which changes our Being. But I think there is a different type of fear that the opposite is Faith. “That is if you had faith you would not fear” (Nicoll) “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” (Heb.xi.) I had several personal experiences with this.

  5. brant smith

    The opposite of fear is unity. When we are separated fear grows because we think this is something out side of ourselves. When we choose to act from a place of love and understanding we realize our union with the ray of creation. Most of humanities problems come from the fact that we are separated and contemplate how much different the world would be if they all acted out of what is best for themselves and everyone around them. This I suggest would be the single language that the world used to speak, external considering.

  6. Rachel Crochet

    Hi All, enjoy to join you on these questions, thanks !! a real pleasure to read you. I’m just a few correct in english so sorry, I wrote in french. best regards 🙂

    Merci Asaf pour l’envoi par mail de cet échange.

    Les synchronicités semblent aller vers une observation volontaire plus consciente de la peur (et le mot “semblent” est aussi important).

    Je suis connectée à cette observation depuis quelques semaines de façon intensive et une étude intime, du phénomène en découle.

    Interressant donc, d’observer aussi à quel point, d’autres “êtres en devenir” (nous le sommes déjà bien sûr, mais “fragmentés/diabollein” donc “Êtres en devenir de Réunification intérieure”) ;

    (dans le processus d’Individuation et de maîtrise de la personne Alitée, maîtrisée par elle-même dans son abandon volontaire et progressif Au Soi);

    entrent dans une recherche de plus en plus septique, questionnante et consciente des processus de la peur.

    Bien d’accord avec l’idée que le contraire de la peur est l’amour.

    Mais comment réaliser cela concrètement ?

    Notre mentalité actuelle est dans la peur, pas encore dans une conscience d’amour.

    L’idéal que nous fixons de l’évolution mentale humaine est encore à venir, et c’est un vrai défi d’entrer dans cette Humilité, sans pour autant LA (car ELLE est La Clé…) rechercher, par la vanité de l’inconscience mentale.

    Constater et accepter notre état actuel “d’animalité mentale dominée par la peur” ;

    (oui l’exemple des animaux est très approprié, même si nous sommes en mesure de jeter un regard miroir réflexif sur “animalité”, ce qui éventuellement, serait un plus, “par rapport à l’animal”, tant que nous souhaitons faire une différence…) ;

    serait donc, peut-être, une étape dans la maîtrise de la peur.

    Peut-être alors, avant de désirer réaliser “prématurément”, le contraire idéal de la peur, aurions-nous avantage à observer d’abord CE qu’est la peur.

    Et à l’accepter, pour LE transcender.

    La peur est à nos yeux, un peu comme un ennemi. Nous faisons peut-être là notre première erreur.

    Certes, elle nous fait souffrir et nous entraîne, par séduction, dans la recherche de sécurité, à faire bien des erreurs.

    Oui, toutes ces recherches de sécurités nous éloignent de La Joie pour finalement, bien souvent, ne nous apporter que les rebondissements des circonstances, qu’en effet, nous ne maîtrisons pas…

    Il y aurait tant à explorer. Peut-être est-ce là, le domaine de recherche, qui nous fera entrer dans ce bond évolutif de la conscience humaine, dont nous parlent tant d’initiés.

    Bien des années de questionnement et d’expérienciation seront sans doute nécessaires pour vaincre cette amie/ennemie qu’est la peur.

    De grandes lignes de recherches sont déjà en cours, dans le domaine de “l’intelligence émotionnelle”, pour nous aider, dans un premier temps, à comprendre les processus mécaniques cérébraux programmés/innés, de la capacité de survie animale, pour ce qui est du véhicule corporel : la “peur-amie”, qui est de l’ordre, selon les neurosciences, de 8% d’activité neuronale utile basée sur des perceptions partiellement objectives, donc justifiant des contre-mesures face à des dangers réels pour la conservation du corps.

    Cela est déjà une première approche essentielle à la “connaissance de soi”.

    Ensuite, ce que les traditions nomment “mental égoïque”, serait l’activité neo-corticale, qui produit 82% d’activité neuronale “inutile ” donc subjective quant à la perception erronée de dangers non réels.

    Cette activité neurone-miroir “inutile”, est ce que les traditions nomment “le péché, le Mensonge, la chute, le voile, ect”.

    1. Hicham B.

      Bonsoir Rachel!
      Je suis l’un des modérateur de Beperiod. AU nom d’Asaf et de toute l’équipe je vous souhaite la bienvenue parmi nous.

      J’ai beaucoup aimé vos mots, surtout où vous vous demandiez si la peur est vraiment une ennemie.
      On a grandi dans une société qui passent son temps et son énergie à chercher le confort et le plaisir matériel alors que ce qu’on considère comme souffrances et difficultés sont un facteur de rappel. Un rappel nécessaire pour nous empêcher de dormir.

      Sur un autre propos, nous allons lancer la version française de beperiod le plutôt possible pour accommoder nos membres francophones.

      N’hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez des questions sur le fonctionnement de cette plateforme ou sur un quelconque autre sujet.



  7. Myrto

    I would define fear, as the feeling of an entity, that its defining boundaries (thus its survival) are threatened.
    Therefore, the opposite of fear, would be some kind of trust, drawn from the verification of the following;
    a) I am something different than this entity ( false personality)
    b) If the boundaries are diluted, I am not threatened and dead, but instead, I can enter an area of unity and love (no boundaries area)
    c) actual preservation of my life, is achieved when I act from a Be state.Not from a state of fear.

  8. agnesleoniuk

    The mind asks what is the opposite if this and that. I don’t see a point of developing this duality any further. Fear as a concept has as many opposites as there are people asking themselves this question.

  9. Anastasia

    There have been moments of intent fear in my life during which I have seen myself shambling and paralyzing.
    In that inner situation ‘something’ in me observed how that specific negative emotion was reproducing other fears.
    The followed research, study and self-observation showed to me that the fear is like a type of cancer on one of our glands (antennas or centers of energy to my point of view) that subjugates, chop-chop, other glands too. This can happen whether and when our glands are not effective according to their natural rhythm.
    The antidote to fear is the normal connection of our centers of energy through their natural tissues-cable.
    The antidote is the connection among the parts of our knowledge and our own continuous verifications about the metaphysical structure of the human being.
    My fears continue trying my substance. On my astrological map is obvious the intention to ‘accidents’ in various sections of life; but Knowledge grants faith towards Higher Right. Faith rubs up self-suggestion, activates our centers of energy rightly and engenders a team of positive advisors within; whereat they develop one steward who does not leave any negative emotion mastering our substance and being the cock of the walk. The steward is sacrificed only at the lightning of our higher centers, our higher advisors.
    This emotional process is the opposite of fear and of any other negative emotion. It protects us from the law of accident. It gets us under the law of fate, and wherever the fate necessitates trial, we just try to overcoming it.

  10. Melissa Sweet

    I agree fully with Jack. The opposite of Fear is Faith. By this I mean Faith as a ” ground of Being”. This Faith is substantial and consistent and can be relied upon. It doesn’t depend on circumstances, it simply “is”.

  11. Alen

    For Me, the opposite of fear is Work on Being. An instinctive fear is based on sense, as prey hides from the attacker. But when it’s done it’s done. The prey goes outside and goes on with his life.
    But an emotional fear may come from My negative part of Emotional Center. All negativities come from self love and self will.
    Here where I live in Balkan area, many times I saw older people when in this kind of fear they would say “Lord have Mercy”. It seemed to make them much calmer and collected. This phrase makes a Man more passive to himself.
    It is also possible to say that Understanding is the opposite of fear, but understanding is not only knowledge, but the contact with Being also.
    To cast out fear, do not act from self Will, Remember Yourself and help will come.
    A soldier can be trained not to be afraid of bullets and grenades. How? He is drilled to serve. To serve his country, his squad and commander.
    A Man can be trained a simmillar thing, to serve the Work, Higher not himself; but the captain does not do this, he does this with His self initiation.

  12. Tim

    As we travel through life with the work in mind much effort is needed. Fear is one of those negative emotions, however, where what’s needed isn’t effort, but letting go.

    So fear must be about gripping, clenching, identifying, and associating. Two giants walk before me, vanity and pride and my sleepy self follows the path of least resistance.

    So the opposite of fear, in the old way of thinking, in the formatory way of thinking, must be something to do with the absence of fear. Peace? Freedom? Non identification?

    To know I am nothing at the same time feeling I am afraid is inconsistent.

  13. BRIDE Djamel

    If we try to apply fear as a polarity, it is usually comes out as plus, positive, electric, something with don’t want to see, to feel, repulsive…
    So the opposite can be attraction, something magnetic, minus…
    If I don’t want to be afraid of sharks, for example, I must try to learn a lot about them, understand them, and in the end, even meet them, appreciate what they are here for ect
    Love can be the opposite of fear but it’s a too much subjective.
    Fear is an important feeling in every beings, it’s something rational, but when this fear became as an entity or being afraid of something never happened to us, practical knowledge may help us to get rid of this “possession”…
    The opposite of fear can be UNDERSTANDING

    1. Wendy

      I agree so much. Fear can be the fuel to our understanding. It also has the ability to keep us from too much harm. When your intuition tells you not to go with a person or not to walk down a dark alley, it is fear that the intuition plays off. This will or may not always be the way as you grow in your understanding of the self. One day the goal for the evolving being is to not need fear. That is another fear. To me fear is a friend. Take it with a grain of salt when it speaks. Listen to where and when the fear is speaking. “Fear is the mind killer… I let it flow over and through me…” We allow fear in to better understand then let it go. Not to excommunicate it from ourselves.

  14. Wendy

    I do not think nor feel fear is understood in its whole. So it would be hard and ineffective for us to define its opposite without knowing all of it. Fear can be countered, with action against that which we fear (courage) and understanding (experience or knowledge). Fear is a teacher, not a menace.

  15. john robert reilly passmore

    In the West,the ability to make sense out of thoughts and chaos by the spoken word is our highest ideal. The LOGOS (in Greek) is our best remedy for fear. In the beginning was the LOGOS, and the LOGOS was with God, and the LOGOS was God. Faith, Hope and Love for the LOGOS can redeem us from hell. Life is good, death is safe. Bless you all.

  16. Milan Mehta

    There is a very good antidote to fear in Indian mythology. And that is Surrender ! It is very difficult for the western mindset to digest it. But surrender is miracle. When surrender happens, all the fears and anxiety is gone. But surrender to what ? Surrender to Ishwar (God), Guru (Master), Patni(Wife), Pati(Husband) etc. There are number of
    mythological stories with examples of above. If anyone is interested, I will talk more about it here. Thanks. May God Bless us all.

  17. Arjun

    The opposite of fear is courage. However, more courageous the mind, more it fears deep down. Courage and fear go parallel. If fear is ignored, it becomes violent and appears in the form of hate, anger and all sorts of negative emotions. The fact is that the mind is always fearful.

    The only state of fearlessness is – no mind.


    Taking the definition of ” opposite of fear” as the following:
    Opposite of fear is that thing which helps me in going from of a state of fear to a higher state.
    I feel that if in the state of fear, I get this idea that there exist something higher than me, that the Existence is intelligent, that I am under certain laws, and that if I look for the help I may get it from something higher than me which may enable me to deal with the situation more consciously, then my trust in these ideas help me to be in a higher state.

    So, for me, “trust in the existence of something higher than me” is the opposite of fear.

  19. Tatiana

    Someone told me that fear is a natural response to perceived danger – a mechanism to keep us safe. The problem is that many perceived dangers are kind of out dated since we are living in a more developed world. For example, flying is one of the safest modes of transport yet it seems very unnatural for human being to be travelling through the air. I was told that a way to deal with such fear is to let the body be exposed to experiences that bring out the fear and then counteract it by evaluating the evidence that your fear will come true. I think the only way to evaluate this evidence is to have knowledge about your fear. So I guess knowledge could be seen as one of the opposites…