What is your aim?

To know the truth? To become master of yourself? To be able to Be? This state is represented by Paradise, a garden of abundance where all creatures live in harmony. You are given to enjoy the benefits of this garden on condition that you avoid the fruit of a particular tree.


What distracts you from your aim?

Imagination? Identification? Unnecessary talk? These distractions are symbolized by the forbidden fruit, that changes disguise and snatches Paradise through subtlety.



Once fallen, what prevents your recovery?

Stubbornness? Self-doubt? Self-righteousness? These forge a barrier between you and your aim, and the longer you delay, the more prone you are to forgetting that Paradise at all exists. You forget your aim.


What is the price of forgetting your aim?

Wasting time? Strengthening old habits? Leading a meaningless existence? What was obvious in the garden is now uncertain. What formerly came gratis must now be earned at the price of labor. Expelled from Paradise, you must work to earn bread.


What kind of Work?

Responding to the needs of the moment the way a farmer responds to the needs of each month. Clouded by imagination, he introduces artificial light. Plagued by emotional drought, he generates fresh inspiration. The farmer cycles through a finite set of responsibilities, and the more he cycles through them, the more expert he becomes.

We gain knowledge and being through losing and re-gripping our aim. Like experienced farmers, we learn that there are no unsolvable problems, only unfound solutions. We learn that our aim is always one right effort away, one out of a finite array of efforts.

Find that effort, administer it, and recover Paradise.