It’s been quite a long trip to Italy from Canada. After 10 hours on two planes, 3 hours connection time, and a couple of hours in taxis, I’m finally in Rome, standing in front of the event’s main apartment. It is late morning, and I haven’t slept for more than 15 hours.

Post written by Evgueni

BePeriod members start arriving and gather on the street – first eye-contact, first hugs, first verbal communication, first real-life impressions. We drop our bags at the apartment and go to explore Rome led by Asaf. Long day walk is concluded by the evening reception which finishes late at night. People casually roam around the room, and I feel like we know each other for a long time (which is somewhat true, considering our online meetings). It feels like I’m in a company of the good old friends. Essence friends.

By that time, I’m up for more than 24 hours without sleep, but amazingly I’m not tired and want to spend more time with my new old friends. My body got it first – something had changed, some energy entered the scene, and it became obvious at the physiological level.

A short 5-hour sleep and I again walk down Rome’s streets, watching, listening, asking questions, getting impressions. By end of the second day I can hardly believe it’s been less than 48 hours. Past two days feel like it’s been at lest a week. A sense of time had also altered, time became “condensed”. It was another sign of the changed state.

While my intellectual mind was trying to process all the new information and impressions, my emotional center got elevated into a state that I hadn’t experienced before. I could recognize a “taste” of the higher state, but what usually lasts only for seconds was enduring for several days. I cannot isolate any particular occasion that changed my state at once.

Of course, some things stood out more than others and are still vivid in my memory: looking at the frescoes in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere narrated by Asaf’s profound comments, an intentional walk to Piazza Navona, thoughtful conversations with Asaf, and of course the final night’s mystery plays directed by Ansley.

However, it felt like each and every experience contributed to that state: morning’s espresso and croissant (both are amazing!) with friends at Cafè Bianco, midnight dish washing with Anselmo, calm insights of Andras, Myrto and Hannah, 1 a.m. beer with Kalev and Ilya, a late-night colors game with Fabrizio, Paolo, Mayra, and Olga, a ride in the overloaded taxi with Mario and Regina, a tea with Goran. Each of those many individual pieces found its place in the amazing emotional mosaic.

It felt like this gathering made something possible. People who before were just voices and faces on the computer screen gained souls, and many words which before were only understood intellectually gained emotional meaning. But most importantly, I verified the higher state, the state of grace. In Orthodox Christianity they describe grace as something that is given from above. This Rome’s event made me open for to receive it, to be inspired.


  1. Jack

    Evgueni, thanks, that short video combined with your writing reinforced my gratitude for this school and our group. I wish I could have been there to share the connections, but the videos from you and Asaf have helped.

    1. Asaf Braverman

      The video footage shared here is a very small amount of what we gathered. I plan to create a new introductory video for our teaching (now that it is structured around the labors of the month) using this footage, and follow that with a new video each month of 2018. So you will be seeing much more of what we experienced and did in Rome in the coming months!

  2. Paolo Meoli

    Thank you Evgueni for this comment. Make me remember many remarkable moments. And If i have to answer to the question about what have i learn from this events, i would answer in that way:
    Ouspensky said in a school what one gains everyone gain. For me this formulation is correct but incomplete, because i verified that this connection between people doesn’t happen by chance, but has to be build intentionally. During this events i can say that i put a seed for this connection, for this state. The verification of that is the impression that after these Rome event during our workshop i’m able to gain more knowledge from the comments of the members. It seems to me that we add a level of depth to this school.

  3. Melissa Sweet

    Evgueni, this is so very touching. I seldom experience envy but I must confess that I did. Seeing you all meet and connect gave me the feeling of being left out. In addition, those of the group entering and experiencing the cathedrals and the magnificent art, first hand, brought tears to my eyes. They couldn’t help but “leak”. And then you topped the whole experience with the music of Chopin and moved me into overwhelm. Having said all this, though, I am delighted for each of you.

  4. Mario Fantoni

    Thank you, Evgueni, your candid description of a higher state shows why the emotional center is the bridge to higher centers. We all know that the moments we spent together in Rome are eternal — Rome is called “The Eternal City” and for us that’s literal. We all belong to a conscious family, and the event in Rome was a “family reunion”.

    “Common aim is stronger than blood”. (G. I. Gurdjieff)

  5. Mayra

    Thank you so much, Evgueni. Meeting you all added to my personal work another meaning. I discovered that “the Work” is not just about me, it is not just about what I can gain from this school. It’s also about what I can do, what I can share. And more than anything I learned that keeping my heart open to all that is different from what I think I know, is the best way to let it in.
    I’ll do my best to be at the next gathering, I hope we’ll have the chance to taste a higher state with more new old friends.

  6. Myrto

    Evgueni thank you for becoming the grateful voice of the group.
    I believe that the meeting in Rome, has established or at least reinforced, the Essence of the community. I view the community, like a living organism, having its own stages of evolution. Its own emotional and intellectual centers..

  7. Ilia Maisuradze

    I’ve read this post at about 10 PM during a strenuous work day. At that time I hardly managing not to fall asleep (actualy I fell asleep several times). But after reading the post and watching the video my body was not demanding sleep for several hours. It reminded me the “taste” which I experienced in Rome. My vessel was full of emotions, till tears. I take my break, find a calm place and trying to remind all the details. That can I say?! I am glad to meet you all.
    Thank you Evgueny for this post. I was trying to express my experience of Rome’s with words, but I can’t manage it. You did it well.

  8. anselmo

    Thank you Evgueni for your beautiful description of the meeting, it transported me back to that week. I would like to thank everyone who organized the event and all those who made efforts to be there.

    It has been said that the effort each one makes to be present facilitates the work of the other people in the group. Now that we know each other better, if I think that the effort I make to be present will help the work of my friends, it will create a special third force to Be.