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What is Self-Remembering?

Free Online Workshop hosted by Asaf Braverman

What is self-remembering and why is it considered the central effort in this teaching? Can we remember ourselves if we cannot ‘do’? What is the ‘self’ that we try to remember? In this open workshop hosted by the founder of this school, we will attempt to answer these questions and end with a question-and-answer session.

What should I aim for?

What should I aim for? How should I make effort toward an aim? Can I work alone? What is the role of other people in my work? Join a free introductory presentation hosted by Asaf Braverman with questions and answers about this work.

Live Introductory Meeting

A live introductory presentation for those interested in learning more about the teaching of BePeriod and how it functions as a fourth way school. We will end with a question and answer session. If you’d like to participate, make sure to register through the button on the workshop page.

Live Introductory Workshop

Live open workshop lead by Asaf Braverman about the Be Community, its discoveries during the month of March, and a forward glance towards April.

Live Introductory Workshop

Live workshop lead by Asaf Braverman open to all. We will talk about the Be Community, its methods and its aims.