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Negative Emotions

The emotional center is the fastest of the four lower centers. This means that gaining control over emotions is the last barrier before fully penetrating the moment. We increase our ability to control emotions by resisting the expression of negativity. This video tutorial explores the effort of non-expression and explains its central role in transforming our identity from the many ‘I’s to real ‘I’.

Four Lower Centers (Part 1)

Just as photosynthesis increases the production of energy in a plant, self-remembering increases the production of energy in the micro-cosmos. This means that after a series of successful efforts we have more energy at our disposal. This energy is volatile and will seek to leak out. “If we do not stop these leaks,” advises Peter Ouspensky, “increased production will only increase the leaks.” Therefore, in the context of the April Labor of focusing on successful efforts, let us dedicate this coming week to observing and stopping leaks.

Knowledge and Being

During the labor of February, we experimented with using our deeper habits as fuel for self-observation. This required intelligent, rather than forceful, efforts. As our understanding of ourselves deepens, so does our ability to make such intelligent efforts.

Understanding is the resultant of a simultaneous growth of knowledge and being. Prince Siddhartha’s explorations outside his palace walls portray this process, wherein the prince first witnesses new things (being) and is then explained their meaning by his charioteer (knowledge). In this tutorial, we apply this principle to work with negativity.


Since non-identification is our February 2017 labor, let us review the tutorial on identification. If I cannot see the thoughts, sensations and emotions of this moment as a small part of me, then they assume my identity; I fall into what this teaching calls ‘identification.’ “Identifying is the chief obstacle to self-remembering,” said George Gurdjieff. “A man who identifies with anything is unable to remember himself.”

Separation and Naming

Our work during the month of January was to set aims. This forced us to observe ourselves and led us to explore our chief features. What remains for the labor of January is to name the feature we observed in a personal way, one that characterizes it without judgement. Naming separate the mind from identification, opening the door for a deeper separation.


We become responsible for what we see. The moment I witness a manifestation of my sleep, my conscience cannot remain clear without my attempting to work on that manifestation. Therefore, aims rooted in self-observation are accompanied by the desire to change, an indispensable fuel for effort. This tutorial explores self-observation as directing a ray of light within, a light that can then spread backwards to show me how I looked a moment before I awakened.

Heart and Mind

This tutorial invites a sincere observation of our efforts. Circumstances within us and outside of us continually change. So must our efforts. With each change, a new key must be found to a new lock. The mind (intellectual center) is responsible for finding the key, the heart (emotional center) for generating the force behind its usage.

Can you observe moments in which your mind knows the right effort, but your heart lacks the desire to make that effort? Can you observe moments in which your heart has the desire to make an effort, but your mind cannot find the right key? And can you observe moments where heart and mind unite, resulting in a higher state?