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How to Observe Myself?

How to Observe Myself?

Free introductory workshop hosted by Asaf Braverman – How can I observe myself? “To learn the methods of self-observation and of right self-study,” said George Gurdjieff, “requires a certain understanding of the functions and the characteristics of the human machine.” In this free introductory workshop we will share a few methods of self-observation and experiment with observing our three basic functions: intellectual, moving, and emotional.

Introductory Workshop: What is Self-Remembering?

Free Online Workshop hosted by Asaf Braverman

What is self-remembering and why is it considered the central effort in this teaching? Can we remember ourselves if we cannot ‘do’? What is the ‘self’ that we try to remember? In this open workshop hosted by the founder of this school, we will attempt to answer these questions and end with a question-and-answer session.