Asaf Braverman

Asaf Braverman

English Comunity Manager

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Who am I?

“Who am I,” asks Rumi, “standing in the midst of this thought-traffic?” Join us for an introductory workshop on recognizing the false and the real within us. We will draw from the story of Jesus preaching to the crowds, taking Jesus as the voice of real ‘I’, and the crowds as the contradictory voices of our many ‘I’s.

The Seven Steps of Self-Development

What are the steps on the path of self-development? Join us for an introductory workshop that will explore the 7 steps of psychological evolution. We will superimpose these steps onto the Biblical Kings of Israel, drawing a parallel between their legendary movement from anarchy to government, to the psychological practice of freeing oneself from habit and attaining self-mastery.

How to Observe Myself?

In this free introductory workshop, we will share a few methods of self-observation, based on the symbolic division of our psychology into a driver, carriage, and horses. We will follow the workshop with a two-day online group work session, experimenting with observing our three basic functions: intellectual, moving, and emotional. In this way, attendees will gain basic self-observation skills, as well as insight into how BePeriod functions as a fourth way school.