Asaf Braverman

Asaf Braverman

English Comunity Manager

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How to Observe Myself?

In this free introductory workshop, we will share a few methods of self-observation, based on the symbolic division of our psychology into a driver, carriage, and horses. We will follow the workshop with a two-day online group work session, experimenting with observing our three basic functions: intellectual, moving, and emotional. In this way, attendees will gain basic self-observation skills, as well as insight into how BePeriod functions as a fourth way school.

Why is it difficult to stop daydreaming?

“The moment you start self-observation something in you starts imagination,” said Peter Ouspensky, “and self-observation, if you really try it, is a constant struggle with imagination.” In this free introductory workshop, we will study the anatomy of daydreaming as presented in a 16th century Dutch miniature painting. We will follow the workshop with two days of group work, aiming to observe ourselves daydreaming and understand why it is so difficult to stop this habit.

Learning about Consciousness through the Moving Center

“In no system of ordinary psychology are the moving and instinctive functions described and divided in the right way,” said Peter Ouspensky. In this free introductory workshop, we will present the moving center and describe its functioning. Our aim will be to gain sufficient understanding for basic self-observation. At the conclusion of the workshop, we will form a WhatsApp group and set daily tasks that help use the moving center as a trigger for consciousness.